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Gardening Club

One of the most wonderful successes in 2019 was 'Gardening Club'.

We'd had a few ad hoc sessions with volunteers and groups in the past but after lots of interest to work in the garden we created 'Gardening Club'. This year I really felt the need to get out and feel the soil myself and garden. Having 'volunteers' meant I had to be in the garden as well but the 'club' has been much more than the sum of the labour completed each week. Now, once a week, I am always found in the gardens working with the group.

This has bought me back in touch with what we are doing in the best way and I know the gardens, plants and soils much better. From where the sun is hitting at any point in the day, the rain shadows, the success and failures rather than simply writing long task lists for others to do the work I so love! But more than that, the group brings such a positive energy.

I share my knowledge and practically demonstrate how to compost and plant et al in real time and we get so much achieved in each session. The garden is filled with chatter and laughter. An unexpected joy of the date is that anything and everything gets discussed when your head is down weeding but as a safe space, ideas and opinions and a lot of politics are shared and listened to without fallout. We are by no means an echo chamber of one shared background or experience. Gardening may not change the world but we have created a small positive space in our little corner, I am thrilled to have made the commitment to be gardening every week without fail, made a lot of new friends and team and I are farther ahead this year than we have ever been!

We are keeping Gardening Club small and intimate to retain the atmosphere and high quality of work achieved but if you are interested in joining us, please email Anna for opportunities.


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