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Grow Your Own Cut Flowers - Summer

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

This is the final full day full on practical day on the plots and the one we have all been working towards. The date is deliberately set, like the late Autumn class for after the (anticipated) last frost date.

This is significant because most of the planting out is carried out now including dahlias, chrysanthemums and half hardy annuals. It is a very busy time. Early spring crops are being lifted and summer ones planted out, seeds still being sown to schedule (4 months of seed sowing!), pricking out, potting on and whilst cutting and harvesting spring crops. Thankfully the days are long and we have the energy to match the long list!

In this session we -

  • Plant out dahlias and chrysanthemums

  • Plant out hardy and half hardy annuals

  • Biennial seed sowing

  • Staking

  • Feeding

  • Composting

  • Cutting and conditioning spring and early summer flowers

It's almost overwhelming, considering the result of months of work and now we have arrived well into the growing season proper and it's full steam ahead. This is where the winter's planning and scheduling is so valuable. With so many tasks and wanting to really enjoy our growing, we can lean on a plan and simply get on with the work.

There is just one session left for the Grow Your Own Course, the Summer gathering in July, an oppotunity to see come together for one last meet up on the plots, review our hopes and aims written back in September, consider our why's and how's in January, plot plans and schedules and see how we've done. What we might have done differently now after all the experience of the last year together and how we plan on going forward for the next one. Plus some special surprises!


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