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Grow Your Own Cut Flowers - Spring

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

It is all go go go for the Spring session of the Grow Your Own Cut Flower Course and we are back in action on the plots seed sowing, lifting and moving perennials and planting out. The season proper is about to kick off and the harvests are growing.

In this session we -

  • Prepare beds for growing

  • Seed sowing

  • Dahlia splitting and cuttings

  • Green Manures

  • Plant feeds

  • Rose pruning

  • Cutting and conditioning spring flowers

It's a really positive and energetic session and full on practical session. This year the spring was slow to warm and we'd lost a lot of plants over the winter to damp (which kills far more than the cold). I extended the April 'Gathering' as another full day session and spread the Spring tasks across both sessions so participants could really see the growth in real time.

This is the foundational focus of the course. I learn better by doing things and experiencing myself. Participants follow the year round and grow plants from the seed, bulb or corm right through to flowering in situ.

There is a real sense of just what is growing and when, what tasks are required in rhythm of the year. We don't follow the calendar as much as we follow the conditions, the weather and the temperature. I share how I 'read' the garden, the micro conditions across the plots, the soil and air temperatures that will determine the growth of plants regardless of when they are sown. Responding to my plots rather than what the weather or anyone else is doing across the country.

I encourage a connection with your own growing conditions and creative practice growing combinations of materials that inspire you for your own success.


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