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Grow Your Own Cut Flowers - Late Autumn

The 'Late Autumn' session is in November and usually just after the first frosts.

The first frost date is as important as the last one in May and why I have set the class on this next significant time of the growing year.

October usually sees a slow retreat of the garden with plants flowering less frequently as the days shorten. There is much that can be done whilst the soil is still warm but several jobs like planting tulips and lifting dahlias that are best left until the ground has had a couple of solid frosts.

This class is one of my favourites and a full practical session.

In this session we -

  • Plant out rancunulus & anemones

  • Plant tulips

  • Lift dahlias

  • Late chrysanthemums are moved

  • Root cuttings

  • Lifting and splitting of spring perennials

  • Planting of hardy annuals

  • Composting

  • Mulching

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