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September Ready to Arrange Buckets for Delivery


The Flower Farm is now 'out of season' - Flower will be available from Late March. Sign Up to subscribe for news as to when Subscriptions are available again.


I grow remarkable flowers. Flowers that are not usually found grown for cut flowers, events and delivery.  Right now, the way I grow is radical; that means entirely naturally and chemical free. I believe good soil health is the key to vibrant strong stems grown, and creating a unique and uplifting atmosphere in the plots.


These special flowers create combinations and arrangements that delight, with hardy annuals,  fragrant herbs, delicate garden sweet peas and English roses through to wispy grasses, vine tendrils and daisy petaled dahlias. 


Flowers are cut in the morning or evening before being conditioned and rested before delivery or collection in the abundant growing season between April and October.  

You can buy these flowers in -

  • ‘Ready to Arrange’ Buckets

  • Arranged bouquets and posies

  • The ‘Kit & Caboodle’ or ‘Essential’ Wedding Packages

  • Mixed buckets for florists 

  • And you can cut these yourself in a private group class, a 1.2.1 or course


Order your flowers by Tuesday evening.


Your flowers are cut on 24 hrs ahead of collection. 


They are prepared and then rested in buckets of water in the cool. This is called conditioning and essential for vase and arrangement longevity.


 Flowers are then sorted and ready for

collection from the plots on Thursday evening between 6 and 7.30pm. 


Wedding, florist and large orders can be collected from the Studio by arrangement on any day.

Email Anna directly to make arrangements.

July Ready to Arrange Flower Buckets for Delivery
Ready to Arrange Bucket


The most popular of our Flower Orders are mixed 'Ready to Arrange' Buckets of flowers. They will have a sumptuous combination of focal flowers, foliage and other gestural stems which can be wispy grasses, sweet pea tendrils, seed heads and branches. We cut the best of the plots each week and sort to complement.  

This can be ordered as a one off order, part of a subscription or multiple buckets for an event.

Late summer dark dahlias


Usually send as a gift, our bouquets come in several sizes.  

Our smallest posy is hand tied and presented in a compostable cup sat in a tissue lined cardboard box.  Ready to lift and drop into a vase for the table.

Bouquets are usually collected from the studio. 

Email or call Anna to arrange a delivery including your budget, delivery address and date. 


Ready to Wed Bouquets


We have been creating our popular 'Kit and Caboodle' and 'Essential' Wedding Packages since 2017.

These are headache free, off the peg ready to wed collections.

Simply order your package, choosing a colour palette and leave the rest to us. Collect everything on the day (buckets the day before if required) and have a wonderful time!

Dahlias in the Walled Garden

Seasonal Flower Gallery

There are flowers to pick every single day on the plots, and the gardens are open for Farm Days and Growing Classes year round.  But our abundant flower season is between April and October. 

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