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Grow Your Own Cut Flowers - Late Spring Gathering

This was an extra session I added for the '22/23 Course (together with 1.2.1.'s and the Summer Gathering). There is so much happening on the plots between March and May that I wanted to include sometime on the plots and see the development of crops and tasks between these pivotal times. The seed sowing continues along with pricking out, transplanting and hardening off. All carried out in harmony with the weather and growth of the plants depending on the conditions.

We've been in contact in-between on the WhatsApp group sharing progress and 'I've lost the label what is this' photos and by now, supporting each others development.

This is 'meant' to be a couple of hours, touring the plots and discussing progress but this year, because the beginning of the season was so late, many tasks couldn't be completed the Spring session so were taken over to this one giving participants an extra afternoon on the plots and that progressive contact across the course and the year.


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