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What are 'Farm Days'?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

‘Farm Days’ are enjoyable immersive practical task led sessions run by myself.

We meet at 8am for coffee and granola, break at 10.30am for cake and coffee and we all sit for a hearty lunch at 1pm. The session finishes by 2pm.

We attend to whatever jobs are planned and scheduled following our best garden practice.

Whilst we do so, sharing what we have learnt about soil, growing flowers and why we do things as we do. Each week you will come away with a deeper understanding of gardening naturally, soil health and flower growing.

We believe excellent soil health is at the heart of our growing which is based on Charles Dowding’s ‘No Dig’ approach, organic methods and biodynamic principles together with over 20 years gardening experience which is developed each year and further deepening our knowledge.

Depending on the time of year, there usually are seedlings and flowers to take home to enjoy too.

We always eat lunch together, with anyone in the studio or on the plots. The sense of togetherness, literally breaking bread is important in creating that community and connection. Days on the plots are very special. Discussions cover all sorts of subjects and many friendships have been formed. I never fail to leave these sessions without being inspired by something someone says or an idea.

People come to the gardens for many different reasons.

I consider the opportunity of working on the plots a beautiful, immersive and enjoyable experience.

These sessions are kept intentionally small – so we can all work together (rather than split up to do tasks) we have more relaxed conversations in this intimate group.

“The experience, the teaching and atmosphere is exceptional, Anna’s knowledge and the experience she has and shares is inspiring.”

"My shoulders relax every time turn the corner of the gate on approach to the gardens”

The farm calendar is something like this for major tasks -

September - Planting Narcissus & Ranunculus, soil preparation, tunnels

October - Clearing crops and planting out, splitting plants, mulching

November - planting tulips, mulching, composts, lifting dahlias

February - dividing dahlias, seed sowing, transplanting

March - Seed sowing, planting, sweet pea planting, dividing

April - Seed sowing, planting, clearing

May - Seed sowing, planting out, dahlia planting,

June - Lifting ranunculus, planting, clearing, staking

July - Staking, clearing, composting

I am really looking forward to opening up the plots and working with you this September.

Please book your September and October sessions on the calender when it goes live on August 18th.


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