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March Garden Journal

Reaching March seems like a milestone. Especially this year. The brighter and longer days are welcome, and by generous synchronicity, my energy is matched by my task list. The soil is warming up and growth is rapid but still the garden is only just waking from the winter slumber so floral treasures are still very much coveted.

These seedlings are all ready to be transplanted into modules

I am absolutely thrilled with the success of our seed sowing so far this year. We’ve really honed our technique and system over the last 6 years. It’s our own patented style but it works for us and our facilities. I am hoping for some really lovely varieties and flowers this summer.

Sorting seeds out
Set up for Seed Sow Along by Zoom

I ran a Seed Sow Along Class on Saturday. Participants sowed seeds from the pack I’d sent ahead and we went through our Seed Sowing 101 together. It was a enjoyable way to spend the first day of Spring and felt really successful. I think I will be running a few more of these grow alongs.

Ranunculus fattening up under protection
Dividing late summer flowering perennials.

We have reached a transplanting window according to the Biodynamic Calendar and the weather is favourable so we plan planting out most of the autumn sown hardy annuals, splitting perrenials and rejigging any of the beds and borders that need attention. We will also bring out dahlias out to split and pot up. I am really enjoying this new found structure and discipline in our work. I was just saying yesterday how overwhelming it could be, simply walking through the plots and mentally noting all the jobs that awaited my time and attention. Last week I could concentrate writing, cutting and photographing safe in the knowledge that I was doing good by not working on the garden. Grow by the calendar and give up the guilt!

The hellebores this week were absolutely next level stuff. They had been flowering since January, but it is worth waiting to cut them, not only to enjoy the maximum display, but they will hold up in a vase once the first flowers mature to seed.

Early March hellebores, narcissus, willow and begonia.

The final dark hellebores were sent out last week for the ‘Year of Flowers’ subscribers.

Some of the cut flowers conditioning for the Year Of Flowers March Delivery

We also sent out the footed bowls made by Kate Spencer. I think this delivery was the best yet. But then I say that every time!

March Year of Flowers Delivery

I don’t often think of March flowers being so dark and moody but they can be! Is it the end of the winter and beginning of spring?

Begonia leaves, fritillary, hellebores.

But then March is also this!

All the narcissus

Next week we are back on the plots with small outdoor growing classes and next month we enter our flower season proper and the abundance of ranunculus and biennials explode into bloom. It’s all to play for!

Mid March Compote

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