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Hen Parties and celebrations

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Our spaces here best feel like they come to life when filled with guests. We love creating and hosting gatherings for parties, celebrations and most often, Hen Do's!

Our first event here in the walled garden, even before we had the studio was a Hen Do in September 2017. There weather was forecasted to be unpredictable but the group were so excited they came dressed for showers and sun! Fortunately the refreshments and flower crown making could be enjoyed on straw bales among the dahlias in the sun and then we met under the gazebo for flower arranging as it showered! One guest said the space was so enchanting that she almost expected flower fairies to appear from under the plants!

Since then we have held dozens of parties. We take our flowers, tools and materials to guests houses, Air B&B's and other businesses and venues, mostly for flower crowns and posy making but we have also held seed sowing, terrarium making, spring wreaths and flower pressing parties for all ages. Whilst Kettle's Yard, The Gin Distillery Showroom, Novi and various gardens are lovely venues, there is no comparison to creating with the flowers right in the middle of where they are grown, in the studio or on the grass terrace among them.

We believe that food and drink sets the tone for all gatherings. We make refreshments appropriate for the event, usually English Afternoon Tea but we’ve held an Italian inspired gathering ahead of the wedding and an Indian Tea Party. We love creating cocktails and mocktails, herbal teas and chai using our own edibles to flavour and decorate.

Making as part of a gathering opens up conversation so easily. The atmosphere is always lovely, whilst our hands are busy, our minds wander and all sorts of subjects and connections are made whilst others sit in silent meditating, creating and listening. The resulting piece is more than the sum of time spent.

We are looking forward to inviting many more guests into the gardens this year.


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