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Flower Club - Cutting Dahlias Sessions 2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This is a new event for us, letting you loose on the plots with some snips and a bucket. Cutting your own flowers to take home.

Wandering the gardens and cutting flowers is the most joyous labour of the plots. Gathering the harvest and fruits of our love and attentions!

Another new addition to our calendar of events in the gardens.

if you book a date for the Flower Club, this is what you can expect -

We will welcome you with a tour of the plots, mainly, to show you the ‘floral sweet shop’ and whet your appetite for cutting flowers.

This is followed by a 101 on cutting flowers with our signature delicious cake and drinks. Cissy will have made some arrangements in the studio to be inspired by and we’ll give you some tips on selecting and combining stems to celebrate naturally grown garden flowers unique energy, movement, colour and texture in the vase. We will also cover the essential but little known tricks of conditioning. This is what to do with your bounty to get them ready for their performance in the vase, we think of it as a blooming spa session.

Then I will demonstrate how to cut flowers from plants so that more stems and flowers quickly follow on. We have tiny plots and need to cut a lot of flowers so these tricks and techniques are essential to ensuring our plants keep performing. Many plants need to be cut at specific stages in their development to ensure they literally bloom in the vase.

We keep these sessions small and intimate like all our classes and events so that participants really get the opportunity to enjoy the space and attention. And hopefully not fight over my favourite flowers! It’s not unusual to wave you off the plots with massive smiles and a spring in your step from all the beauty.

Don’t forget to bring a bucket to take your bounty home, see you on the plots.

We are kicking off this autumn with Dahlias and there will be more of these with tulips and ranunculus in the Spring.

These cutting sessions will be live for you to book via the calendar on August 19th.


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