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Classes, events and experiences on the plots

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Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

Our Flagship Year Long Growing Cut Flowers Course. 

What to get confident about growing cut flowers?

Join me in a deep dive year long practical program and at the end of it, you'll be just that: Confident and inspired to plan your own growing - be it at home, allotment or professionally growing flowers for market. 

We meet at pivotal points in the growing year to cover all the practical tasks and planning for growing flowers and whatever that means for you, in your space.  We are now in our 6th year of running it and welcomed gardeners, hobby florists, florists, flower farmers, allotmenteers and many more.

Phases of the Course

  1. Closing’ down the growing season and preparing for the next

  2. Planning your space and growing season

  3. Executing your plans for your space this year

What is it?

  • Seven in person practical learning dates on the plots

  • A 1:2:1 with me on your plot or growing space

  • Seeds, corms, bulbs and plants to grow on yourself

  • A private WhatsApp group for your cohort and I to keep in touch, share images and progress

  • A comprehensive beautifully printed handbook to accompany each session, with images and instructions.


Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who wants to commit to a deep learning practical growing experience resulting in a confident connection with your own growing space with the knowledge and resources to plan a year of cut flowers. I share how we grow incredible flowers, foliage and produce naturally, in harmony with nature and the earth and you will do too!

What do we do?

I learn best by doing things myself so this course takes each element of growing cut flowers, from planning bouquet ingredient combinations, plot planning and successional sowing schedules on paper right through to practical seed sowing and cutting, composting and green manures and everything in between. By returning to the plots seven times across the year, you will see plants in every stage of their growing and truly learn the requirements in real time and for yourself. We'll grow together, taking plants 'started' on a session back to your growing space. We'll catch up and share developments on the WhatsApp group in-between dates.

For the professional florist and grower, I offer tailored business mentoring across the year to supplement the course alongside appropriate to your business model, space and skills. Choose a 'quick call' to speak about this together discuss a plan and quote. With so many business model, service and product options to the farmer and florist, I work with the individual - this has been one off mentoring session on the plots or on line, business planning and plot design through to ongoing monthly accountability check in's.

Read more on blogs about each session here - (click on each one)

Early Autumn Class

Late Autumn Class

Winter Class

Spring Class

Late Spring Gathering

Summer Class

What knowledge or experience do I need to have?

None! In fact it could be better because there can be a lot of 'unlearning' for a traditional gardener (I was one!). 

There is a lot to learn regardless of your experience - I teach the absolute fundamentals to ensure nothing is missed out.  These are what matters and creates the foundations for the ultimate success of your growing and confidence.  

What happens after the course?

Participants return to the plots in many ways:

For professional mentoring and development as florists and farmers

As employees working on the plots

As freelancers for events, classes and course assistance

As collaborators 

To buy our flowers to supplement their own 

For classes, talks and courses for further learning and interest

What is the investment?

The course costs £1,500 and is payable either in full or £1,600 by 6 instalments. 

Book your spot with £500 then 5 payments spread across the course of £220 invoiced directly.

If you'd like to have a chat about the course, book a 'Quick Call' here and see if it's right for you.

When does the next course start?

There is only one course a year, each starting in September with 'Early Autumn' Session. We meet on a Tuesday. The 1.2.1. on your plots can be arranged for anytime during the course year as suits your planning.   

Over the years.

Outline of the 2022/23 Course 

Early Autumn Class 

Late September 2022 - 10am-2.30pm

Ranunculus & Anemones| Bulbs |Hardy annuals| Composting


Late Autumn Class 

Mid November 2022 - 10am-2.30pm

Tulips| Lifting dahlias | Mulching | Root cuttings | Dividing perennials


Winter Class 

Mid January 2022 10am-12 midday.

Planning your space | Schedules & plot plans | Successional growing 


Winter 1.2.1. 

Included in course and booked separately 90mins, January or February

In your garden, allotment, farm or at the plots here


Spring Class 

Mid March 2022 10am-2.30pm

Annuals | Seed sowing | Preparing beds | Dahlia splitting & starting/cuttings


Mid Spring Gathering

Mid April 10am-Midday

Tour of plots & gathering to discuss progress


Summer Class 

Late May 2022 10am-2.30pm

Planting out | Staking | Feeding | Biennials | Composting.


Mid Summer Gathering

Mid July 10am-midday

Tour of the plots, review and looking ahead

See Blogs here for more open each session - 

Early Autumn Class

Late Autumn Class

Winter Class

Spring Class

Late Spring Gathering

Summer Class

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