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Winter Journal

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A season of two parts. Cissy of Wildstems and I had a fantastic festive frenzy of collecting foliage, packing up kits, and running wreathing parties over zoom in the studio. Now, the garden is resting under blankets of mulch. As a clever friend mused to me this week, plants, like us are biding their time until we can all emerge from hibernation.

We had time over our Christmas Break to move our greenhouse into the Walled Garden, finally lift the dahlias and cover the Ranunculus.

Collecting foliage for ‘Festive Therapy’ kits and wreaths.
Creating ‘Festive Therapy’ Kits & Wreaths.
Studio in ‘Zoom Party’ mode.
Created by Cissy for a Swedish Christmas Eve Celebration. The most apt words for 2020.
Foliage Bucket deliveries.
The Braybrooke Garden in January.
Moved Greenhouse and Ranunculus Tunnels.
Snapdragon Seedlings.
Squash storing and seedlings.

This week Cissy and I collected the first months delivery of our sold out package ‘A Year of Flowers’. There was a real optimistic feeling towards the year to come.

A few of the January packages and buckets

Packaging up beautiful Kate Spencer bud vases and little jam jars of snowdrops and hellebores, even in the sparsest month for material, the studio was full of scent and beauty.

Bud Vases from Kate Spencer & Snips Parcel.
Jam Jars of January stems for Bud Vases.
Cissy at Wildstems arranging January.

If it looks this good in January, I am so excited for Spring!

Small bowl of January
January - Hellebores, Hazel, Elder shoots & Viburnum tinus.
A Year Of Flowers - January
Braybrooke Garden ready for meals and classes again.
Braybrooke Garden in the snow (from the snug of the studio)

There is still so much to see and be grateful for whilst be bide our time.

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Love these images, and the idea that we are all in hibernation! I wish I could have some of those beautiful flowers right now!

Me gusta
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