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Anna standing in the Walled Garden in late Spring.


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I’m a gardener, designer and educator.


I teach and write about growing cut flowers naturally; inspiring and celebrating connection with the natural world, ourselves and community. Place, time and purpose are everything to me.


Inspired by Kettles Yard’s ‘come for tea’, natural found objects mixed with fine art with Benton’s End where food and gardening was as important and fundamental as the art school. The seasons, growing by the biodynamic calendar and the beauty of the everyday is central my thinking and work. How we choose to live, taking responsibility for our existence and contributions is my ‘why’; I live this consciously connected life every day and share this message through my work.


To garden, grow flowers and food to eat, to share meals is to be anchored to the local. Time and progress isn’t linear, I am constantly delighted by serendipity of projects and relationships. 


I work from my studio in the centre of the micro flower farm, or the gardens of ‘Anna’s Flower Farm’ where there is an outdoor kitchen, flower beds, borders, a green house and polytunnel and much more that can’t be described. You need to visit.


I don’t have ‘opening hours’ but you can book on an open day or a courses, hold your own private event or class. It is a magical place. 


My favourite projects have come from from collaborations. Have a look at what I’ve done in the past; they have been really good fun and bought people together with ideas that otherwise might not done so.

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What I am doing now

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