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My go-to seed suppliers

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Here are my favourite seed companies and the ones I will order from several times a year.

Top Tip - order seeds fresh and store in a dark space where it's cool and the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much.

Chiltern Seeds - Good reliable seeds, with many new ones each year. The catalogue is aimed at the ‘experienced’ gardener since it is mostly without photos but it does have the most beautiful picture brochure that comes out in the late autumn / winter with glorious photos.

Favourites - Poppies, achillea & nicotiana.

Sarah Raven - of course! But she does do some seeds that I just have’t been able to find elsewhere. Great magazine like catalogues.

Favourites - Like a sweetie shop more recently have love the ridolfia which is a much more reliable ‘dill’ for floristry.

Vital Seeds - for open pollinated organic vegetable and herb seeds. This is a lovely company and the seeds are great.

Favourites - Their winter veg collection

Special plants - for perennials (these can mostly be sown from next month order now) Derry has cult status for growing amazing plants.

Favourites - Aquilegias

Great Dixter - For lots of colourful annual plants and foliage. Another fantastic nursery. The shop is great for lots of other gardening products too.

Favourites - Nicandra and Atriplex

Tamar Organics - for Green Manures

Favourites - read up on their excellent notes for the right manures for your soil and needs.

I hope I have introduced you to a new nursery and happy growing!


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