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Having made seasonal handbooks and videos to support our 'Grow Your Own Cut Flowers' Course here in the gardens, we have also chosen to make the digital materials available to all subscribers so you too can 'Grow at Home'

This collection is the essence of our work and borne of 20 years of  Anna's Horticultural and Design experience together with the team's hard efforts and time. 

We are so proud of the learning materials we have produced and know it has substantial financial worth.  However, we believe gardening and growing is beneficial for all.  There are no set fees or price to become a friend and benefit from the collection.  We do this to ensure we can share as much as possible.  

We hope our library of information is useful to you. 


If you are able, please make a donation to support and allow us to continue sharing our work and if you would like to join us on the plots for the course, you can book a place on the new Saturday dates here.


I can't wait to know how you get on so let me know!


                                                                Love Anna