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- So you've made up your mind?

- No, this is one of the options for admission.

- And if you enter the State University of Management?

- Well maybe

- So he is in the east of Moscow. Will your daughter ride across the city?

On the way from a dream to a deal, the goal is forgotten. And another route begins.

So how do you follow all the rules? If you are planning to move to another city, then definitely first rent an apartment for at least six months, and only then you can think about buying. To do this, you need to go through several areas of the city with your own feet, communicating with the locals. If you already live in a city, ask yourself questions when you change neighborhoods.

1. What reasons make me change the area?

2. Will I achieve my goal with the change of district?

At consultations, one often sees people who cite the unfavorable atmosphere due to an unsuitable contingent as the main reason for changing the area.