Anna's Flower Farm


Audley End, Saffron Walden

Anna's Flower Farm is hidden within the historic Audley End Village and Estate, Saffron Walden. 

It is open by appointment only to maintain the magical atmosphere  and privacy of the gardens.

We grow special flowers. Flowers that are not usually found grown for cut flowers, events and delivery.  We grow with a small dedicated team and entirely chemical free.  We believe that good soil health is the key to vibrant strong stems and what creates the unique and uplifting atmosphere of the plots. 


These flowers cannot be easily sourced elsewhere, be it new hardy annuals, fragrant herbs, delicate garden sweet peas and English roses through to wispy grasses, vine tendrils and daisy petaled dahlias.

Anna believes in a holistic approach to gardening. By caring for the soil, wildlife,  their own bees and chickens, biodiversity and health are championed. This method and ethos has created a diverse local ecosystem, resulting in the most beautiful flowers and delicious edibles.

The ultimate aim is to create a biodynamic  garden.